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“Taylor basically told Selena to be careful and not to put all her eggs in one basket,” the source explained EXCLUSIVELY to Hollywood “This is what she’s been telling her for a long time.The critical T-Swift narrative even inspired Abercrombie & Fitch to design a shirt just to make fun of her love life.

“She thinks Selena is far more mature than Justin and deserves so much better,” the source continued EXCLUSIVELY to Hollywood According to sources at her hometown high school of “Hendersonville High” Taylor was known as a “pillow queen”, which is a girl that will let other girls go down on her but who would not lick the slit themselves.In the lesbian community these girls are also known as “stuck up bitches”.“She has given up hope and is determined to help find someone suitable for her best friend.” Hollywood Lifers – do you think Selena and Justin are going to officially get back together? Some of us believe the Rolling Stones article Taylor did where she showed Karlie had her own bedroom (lol we all know where she really stays) is what sparked the rumors.

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