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(Ethan Miller / Getty Images)MTV's "The Real World" was a watershed for the genre.

Take seven young people, put them in a house and stir.

The season featured seven people who lived in a converted penthouse suite on the 28th floor of the Las Vegas Palms Casino and Resort, which production started from February 13 until June 21, 2002.

The season premiered on September 17 of that year, consisted of 28 episodes, which along with the Denver season, is the highest number to date.

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" Check out our live tour schedule at Great Love!In the early 1990s, personality conflicts and real-life struggles provided enough drama.That first season, a 19-year-old white woman named Julie Gentry got into a screaming match with 26-year-old African-American Kevin Powell over the state of racism in America.In the second season, 22-year-old Tami Akbar had an abortion, worked with AIDS patients and elected to have her jaw wired shut to lose weight.“bunny,” there was always a dramatic reveal and producers scrambling to clean up the PR mess.

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