Ultragrid validating

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For specific information and code examples illustrating how to consume events in your application, see Consuming Events in the .

A perfect example of this is when trying to save data.

When I paste wrong data (for example I paste a string into a column that expects an integer) I get a popup from the ultragrid displaying the paste error.

I've set Regexp Pattern property in Infragistics Ultra Win Grid column and it works - when user edit cell and given input doesn't match regexp cell is cleared.

The default behavior of Public Shared Function Get Validation Errors(By Val validatable As IData Error Info) As IEnumerable(Of Data Error) Dim errors As New List(Of Data Error) ' Iterate through every property in the class For Each prop In validatable. Get Properties ' If the property has an error, then add it to the list Dim error Message = validatable(prop.

I made a slight modification to your code, and now it works great for me!! The logics has it that everytime I click on one of the previously checked cells to uncheck it, the number in the label text should diminish by one.

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