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But spokesperson for the International Relations Nelson Kgwete told YOU the South African embassy in Abu Dhabi is not in a position to interfere in the legal process in the UAE.

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The Department of International Relations says a couple arrested for having sex before marriage in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is being subjected to a legal process in line with UAE laws.

A two-star motel in Philadelphia is being sued after allegedly facilitating a 14-year-old girl’s sexual slavery over two years.

Lawyers revealed the filing late last week, alleging the Roosevelt Motel once was the “epicentre of human trafficking,” reported.

In Moldova, the country that she - and I - once called home, human trafficking is a huge problem, with an estimated 25,000 Moldovans trafficked abroad in 2008 according to Moldova’s national Bureau of Statistics.

For rural girls like Irina, high unemployment, widespread domestic violence and rife alcoholism further exacerbate the problem and make them more vulnerable to human trafficking than their city dwelling counterparts.

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