Updating classpath osb

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While running this demo we will learn about the following things: 1.

How to develop a CXF based Web Service using top down approach.

When I call a web service, either through a client program, or via web browser, I noticed that nothing is getting updated in E:\MLM\My Domain\servers\My App Srv01\logs\ I am able to run the script in my local after editing the classpath as mentioned by you, I believe this information is not available any where in the documentations.

If you have come across, could you please advice how it can be done to select the OWSM security policy to a proxy service using the wlst script, in 11g domain we have many proxy services referring to the wls policies now as per the Oracle recommendation in 12c, instead of Weblogic security policy want to select the policy from the OWSM store. – subash Oct 29 '15 at Subash, if it worked for you please select it as right answer to resolve the issue.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

All of these features depend on correct configuration of the projects in your workspace.

We continue development of the product catalog and order processing application by configuring the project dependencies required to build and run that code.

I am indeed looking for a reply for other area in security policy selection in OSB proxy service using WLST.It allows us generating WSDL from Java classes and generating Java classes from WSDL, Provider API which allows you to create simple messaging receiving server endpoints, Dispatch API which allows you to send raw XML messages to server endpoints.Apache CXF provides support for the Spring 2.0 XML syntax support and integration.Could you please help the procedure to follow for executing the WLST script on OSB 12c i.e from SOA suite/weblogic 12c server domain.As I see, I am not able to run a sample script to display the available proxies from the 12c OSB domain.

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