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"And when couples feel that they’re a team, sharing success and failures, they bond more closely." On the other hand, "Financial infidelity is a big deal breaker in relationships. US News & World Report made her their primary source in their "Tipping Bible" (Your Ultimate Tipping Guide),) Regarding celebrity breakups, Masini has offered comments on men's and women's communication styles as demonstrated by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: "Women tend to expound on relationships and they want to feel good about where they are in them," while "Men don’t want to expound . Her comments have been sought by Medill Reports-Chicago, a publication of Northwestern University's journalism school, for an article on racism; Masini has conservative political views and has been consulted on a range of political issues.

Keeping secret purchases and transactions doesn’t instill trust, and it makes the person who finds out these secrets feel there are other secrets yet to be found." In 2007, Masini was hired by Procter & Gamble's Old Spice as the Dating and Relationship Editor for its "Voice of Experience" campaign announcing that "Nationally recognized relationship expert and author April Masini––featured everywhere from Maxim to The New York Times––will give the female perspective on what guys need to have a dating streak to be envied." and financial infidelity ("The reality of financial infidelity is a lot more devastating than it seems like it would be. Regarding Donald Trump, she stated in April 2016: "I do not believe there is a single career politician who can begin to compete with Trump when it comes to the economy or resolving the debt crisis." When asked about Trump's attitudes toward women, she commented that he is "a fighter …

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