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We use Durex flavored condoms and on their web site they say.“Durex flavored condoms are intended primarily for vaginal sex.actress stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show this morning and let loose about a variety of topics like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, strippers and, um, oral sex.Paltrow certainly didn't hold back when asked all the tough, personal questions by Stern—she even broke her silence about her ex's new leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence!Balancing the everyday routines of life, work, children, finances, and other stresses does not seem to leave much motivation for sexual intimacy.Decreased sexual desire is a problem for a substantial number of women.But none of these factors means that sexual intimacy has to disappear!

On Ben Affleck and Strippers: Stern asked whether Paltrow and Affleck were on bitter terms because she reportedly once said that he "would be better off dating a Scores stripper." To which she replied, "Well, that was true at the time. On Sex Tapes With Brad Pitt: Paltrow joked that she and her former fiancé never made a sex tape, sharing, "Do you know what's so sad? And on a serious note, about her former flame, the blond beauty confessed that her father "was devastated when we broke up," explaining, "My father loved him like a son."4. Stern applauded Paltrow for telling her famous pal that more oral sex would result in fewer fights in her relationships.

They can increase a woman's chances of developing a yeast infection and/or increase the risk of getting an STI. I'm finding conflicting information about this online.

Hi I have not heard that flavored condoms will cause yeast infections or increase your chances of getting an STI.

Hormonal fluctuations play a substantial role as well.

The aging process, with the loss of estrogen at menopause, will cause significant physical changes.

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