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She took on charity work, she smiled sweetly and she seemed just like her album title: Pure.Of course, that was exactly what the marketing men who came up with that title wanted you to think: the word, they implied, didn’t just refer to Westenra’s voice – as spectacular as that was – it referred to her soul as well.Cartwright said the decision had been hard, but she found that she could not continue in the role.She explained, "I will always remember my days on Home and Away as the best of my life.Adding interest to the name was Halley’s Comet which came blasting through the earth’s atmosphere in 1986, a rare event visible to the naked eye that happens only once every 75 years!While Hayley could be considered unisex, it’s way more common for little girls than for boys.Paterson Joseph The charismatic 52-year-old stage veteran has auditioned for the role before. He’s well-loved as slippery boss Johnson from sitcom Peep Show and has played dramatic TV roles in Law & Order UK, Survivors, You Me & The Apocalypse and, most recently, NBC sci-fi series Timeless - which happens to be about time travel…that the initial 13 episodes will air, but the back nine was never ordered, indicating the show could be cancelled.

The insider states that the current Monday night 10 p.m.This is plausible since many Scandinavians settled in England dating back to early medieval times.The given form of the name came into use by the 1970s and really caught on in popularity the United States by the mid-80’s.Hayley comes from the Old English words “hēg” (meaning ‘hay’) and “lēah” (meaning ‘clearing’).Another etymological source suggests that Hayley may also be derived from the Old Norse word “haela” meaning ‘hero’.

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