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Buddy TV further hints that there will be a lot of awkwardness and sadness for fans as they watch Hodgins' transformation from the ever-efficient expert that he once was to the limited King of Wheelchair that he will start introducing in the upcoming episode.

The outlet also teases that Hodgins will do some things that fans who adored him would never have imagined.

As fans already know, it is unclear if the beloved character will ever be able to get back on his feet.

The explosion that ruined his body has placed its mark on the entomologist and though he is willing to get back to work, his colleagues are concerned that it may be too early for him to experience all the stress at the workplace.

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The promo clip released for episode 11, titled "The Death in the Defense" sees the return of good man Hodgins (T. In the video, he smiles as he sits on his wheelchair and he is welcomed by Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the rest of the team.

His friends and colleagues are ecstatic but also surprised to see him at the building since he has not even fully recovered yet.

"When they were all growing up, I guess I was constantly working, and my wife, I’ve got to give her all the credit in the world, she kept them in line, and they always had to work," he said. Because when I go out there and I see David working -- overworking, we worried about him -- he was directing hundreds of people.

In episode 11, he will just begin portraying a different man.

Viewers may be surprised at the altered characteristics that he will depict but as always in TV shows, there will be an explanation for everything in the long run.

Question: Do we know yet if Bones‘ series finale (sniff) will be two hours?

—Sarah Ausiello: As of now it’s just a one-hour episode, but, you never know — Fox could schedule the penultimate episode on the same night and call it a “two-hour Bones finale event!

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