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The dates given below give a close approximation of when the designs were produced.

The Copyright and Design Act 1839 introduced a system of registration to protect new and original designs for a wide range of articles.

Confusingly, the two overlapping lists follow the same numerical order, so a piece numbered 6000 could be 1890s or 1930s. So the 5 isn't fully joined-up and can be read as a 1, while the second 6 has been finished with a flourish which makes it look like a 4.

Your sense of style should tell you which is which. And the horizontal bar of the 5 has joined up with that 6 to make something which looks like a 7.

Often, on earlier patterns, the pattern name was printed with the registered number.

Because the date of registration of a registered design can be determined from its number this helps us date patterns, but, as with dating from backstamps this can be inexact.

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This is a partial list of pattern numbers and names, originally published by the Tyne & Wear Museums Service. If your number isn't on the list, we don't know it. This may be a letter, a number, a combination of both, or an abstract symbol. ) Sorry, but we don't know who all the paintresses were.

This month, we're here to help you prep for fun gatherings with revelry-ready looks for indoors and out.From tea party tips to wedding picks for the special couple, or how about stress-free outdoor entertaining ideas and designer inspiration. We're the perfect place to start when creating a vibrant look that's all your own.We offer more than 11 million pieces of vintage and current dinnerware, crystal, silver and collectibles, many in patterns you won't find anywhere else.Pottery was included and W&R, with many other potteries, registered some of its shapes and patterns to prevent plagiarism.Below are some examples showing the variation in the style of the number, which could be printed in various colours.

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