Wordpress site not updating changes

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Describing the Word Press Update Problem This post is about how to enable the Word Press automatic version update when you simply cannot get it to work.

This post is not about having a cache after you update your Word Press major or minor releases.

First, big shout out to for always having fantastic answers to core Word Press issues.

This one is coming up more and more for my clients.

Sometimes when updating content over SFTP, or in the Word Press Admin Dashboard, you might not see your changes reflected immediately when viewing the site.

The reason for this is that our caching system is doing what it’s meant to do – caching your site’s content to make it load faster.

This post assume that your Word Press website pass all the tests as reported by the Background Update Test Plugin: PASS: Your Word Press install can communicate with Word securely. PASS: Your installation of Word Press doesn’t require FTP credentials to perform updates. You know that there has been Word Press version updates or upgrades, but you simply cannot see it from the usual screens.

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They’re two ways to purge your cache at WP Engine, just use one of the two methods below: The first and most thorough method of clearing your site’s cache is within your Word Press Admin Dashboard. Utilities and scroll to the section labeled “Cache options” to choose “Clear page cache”. Note that it does not clear out the Object Caching layer, or the CDN cache, if you are utilizing either.

Often beginners use setup W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

The first thing you can do is try to Empty All Caches using your cache plugin settings area.

This issue is most often caused by the cache functionality of Word Press.

To see your changes, you should clear your Word Press cache. You should delete the content of this folder and reload your website in your favorite browser.

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