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The small town Utta is the hottest place in the whole of Russia.On July 12, 2010, during a huge heatwave affecting all of Russia, an all-time record-warm temperature was observed with 45.4 °C.Panelled with larch, spruce and ash, the room is bathed in light from dawn to dusk.In the age-old tradition, the wood was carved with fire, burnt to reveal shapes, colours, textures and nuances .Out of those seven monuments, only the pyramids of Giza have survived, while the rest have fallen victims to destruction, with only fragmentary remains giving the idea of their bygone magnitude.For ages, people have been realizing the need in, or at least feeling the desire for, protecting the marvelous works of culture.My new elegantly serene contemporary dining room is an invitation to enter a world apart.

The mirror effect is disturbing, amusing and astounding.Can a management plan be replaced with some other existing conservation tool? The history of civilizations provides numerous examples of cultural and natural heritage preservation for future generations.The world’s first protected area was the Yellowstone, which was declared a national park in 1872 by US Law.Truth and transparency – the philosophy of Laurent Petit and the spirit of this place. What you find here is a history of personal progress and an echo to the local region – what the French call “le terroir” – in this case the three lakes of Annecy, Geneva and Le Bourget and the soil of the Savoie. Lake and Plant Cuisine” is faithful to its origins.The peaks, the lake, the old chestnut trees, the hosts, the kitchen and dining room brigades unite in an immense peon of praise to nature. Laurent Petit and his cuisine are one and the same thing. And the love in the dish is probably the feeling which you feel the most at the Clos des Sens today. Here beats the heart of the kitchen of the Clos des Sens – our ability to attract diners, make them unconditionally loyal to the restaurant and to the dishes in a dialogue perfectly crafted by the Lord and Master.

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