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That includes the chat logs of both American and British citizens, as well as adult material that was transmitted via webcam.In fact, between 3% and 11% of all the webcam material harvested by GCHQ was deemed to contain "undesirable nudity".Codenamed Optic Nerve, the operation saved images to GCHQ databases, regardless of whether individual users were suspected of wrongdoing.Mit einem Blick informiert: Ob auf unsere Gipfel, auf unsere Sehenswürdigkeiten oder auf die Marktplätze in den Schwarzwald-Städten – mit den Webcams unserer Ferienorte machen Sie sich schnell ein Bild."I love a man that knows what he wants - someone who isn't afraid to act out his fantasies with me.I love a man that is a gentleman when we go to dinner, but when I take him up to my apartment he rips my clothes off.It would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person.Also, the fact that the Yahoo software allows more than one person to view a webcam stream without necessarily sending a reciprocal stream means that it appears sometimes to be used for broadcasting pornography." Camgirls of the world: GCHQ has been ripping you off.

Wetterseite mit weiterführenden Infos auch zu anderen Orten.(Which makes you wonder what the agency's idea of desirable nudity is – maybe the kind you can use to blackmail people?) As one of the leaked GCHQ documents puts it: "Unfortunately...Sorry to break it to you, but GCHQ has totally seen you naked.The British spy agency intercepted and stored text and images from millions of Yahoo video chats, according to a report on the latest Snowden leaks.

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