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Sara Peltola on musiikkienergialla toimiva ohjausalan monitoiminainen, joka työskentelee tällä hetkellä verkko-ohjaajana Otavan opistossa ja on Ohjausosuuskunta Otteen perustajajäsen.Peltola esitteli graduaan nuorisoalan ammattilaisille keväällä 2015.When someone is considered to have placed or accessed such material on the internet, the police should consider the potential for the individual to be involved in the active abuse of children.

Contacts made initially in a chat room are likely to be carried on via email, instant messaging services, mobile phone and text messaging.

Even if you’ve been chatting to the same person for ages and you feel like you know them, you need to remember it’s very easy to lie on the internet.

There is no way of knowing if someone is telling the truth.

There is a growing cause for concern about the exposure of children to inappropriate material via interactive communication technology e.g., adult pornography and extreme forms of obscene material.

There is some evidence that people found in possession of indecent photographs or film/videos of children may now or in the future be involved directly in child abuse themselves.

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